Leland Sr. Reveals His Plan for the Future of Sugarhill Records...

And it's not what anyone expected!

All season long we waited to find out who Leland Robinson, Sr. decided to pass the torch to and choose as the new leader of Sugarhill records. You weighed in earlier this season and 37% of you though Rhondo should run Sugarhill Records with Leland Sr. coming in second place with 28%. Even the Robinsons weighed in on who they think should run the record label.

First Family of Hip Hop
The Future of Sugarhill Records...
Can the Robinsons all get on the same page?

So who did the man in charge choose as his successor? Plot twist! Leland Sr. doesn't think anyone is ready to handle the label quite yet and told LeA, Shanell, Darnell, Rhondo, and Antonio, "at this point none of you guys are really ready to run the company..." For the time being Leland Sr. is going to remain in charge, but he's going to give everyone the ability to start their own label under Sugarhill Records, "so they're in control of their own destiny," Leland Sr. said. He finished his statement off with, "this will determine who can run Sugarhill." We look forward to watching everyone's journey. Best of luck, Robinsons!

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