These Robinson Family Firsts Speak to the Music Lover in Us All

From the family's first concert to the first album they've ever purchased, get to know the Robinsons a little better.

The Robinson family is immersed in the world of hip hop, but their music knowledge goes way beyond that. It turns out that although they're well-versed in their own industry, they love groups like the Spice Girls, NSYNC and other legendary artists. Have you ever thought back to the first CD you bought or the first concert you've ever been to? The Robinson family took a trip down memory lane, and what they shared might surprise you and make you love them a little bit more. Check out their first album picks above and their first concert memories down below.

First Family of Hip Hop
The First Concert the Robinsons Ever Attended
From Janet Jackson to NSYNC.

Learn a bit more about the Robinsons and their musical expertise below.

First Family of Hip Hop
What Does it Take to Make a Hit Song?
The recipe for making a hit song.

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